3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

Dinner and a movie? Again? As sweet as the sentiment behind a classic V-Day date may be, going on the same date over and over again gets old—especially as the years pass by when you’re in a long-term relationship.

This February, make your Valentine’s Day memorable with an out-of-the-box celebration that you and your partner can enjoy together. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these three unique Valentine’s Day date ideas that defy the standard V-Day clichés and are anything but basic and boring.

  1. Take a Dance Lesson

Get moving this Valentine’s Day with a romantic dance lesson with your partner. The two of you can appreciate laughing and being close to each other as you step and twirl across the floor together—and maybe step on each other’s feet a few times—as you enjoy this whimsical bonding experience together.

Most cities have dance studios that offer beginning dance classes for adult couples—so don’t worry about how much experience you do or don’t have. Many dance studios even offer special deals or themed classes for Valentine’s Day, so keep your eye out for those opportunities.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Bed

How many days has your alarm jarred you awake from a peaceful sleep—or dragged you and your partner out of a relaxing chat or much-needed cuddle session? Daily responsibilities and hectic schedules make it difficult for many couples to really get any quality time to relax together in bed.

The bedroom is one of the best places to shut out the world and enjoy some real bonding time with your partner—when time permits. Make this Valentine’s Day the day that you and your partner unplug your alarm clocks and ignore the world together for the day.

Start the day by making breakfast in bed for your partner—or order breakfast for the two of you, if you really want to take the day off—and enjoy the remainder of a long, leisurely, relaxing day together. Add some more fun to your special day in bed together with sexy lingerie styles. When you’re shopping for lingerie for this special occasion, consider getting more festive with pink and red Valentine’s Day-themed lingerie

  1. Go Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate is one of the biggest V-Day clichés, but that doesn’t mean including chocolate in your celebration has to be basic or expected. Put a more interesting twist on V-Day chocolate by celebrating February 14th going chocolate tasting—yes, it is a thing—with your special someone.

Chocolate tasting is a fun, creative, and tasty activity that allows you and your partner to enjoy some festive V-Day fun together—and gets you both off the hook for buying each other questionable drugstore chocolate boxes that will remain largely untouched for weeks. Many chocolate-tasting venues combine tasting chocolate with making your own chocolates or truffles—which offers extra opportunities for enjoying more fun and collaboration with your partner and provides you with a delicious souvenir the two of you can take home to remember your special V-Day date after February 14th has passed.

A lot of major cities offer opportunities for chocolate tasting—chocolate-tasting venues are definitely on the rise. If you can’t find anywhere near you that offers chocolate tasting, there are hundreds of DIY chocolate recipes on Pinterest that you can try out and taste at home. If you don’t want to risk DIY-ing, wine tasting is another relaxing, romantic activity—albeit slightly less out-of-the-box—V-Day activity you and your partner can enjoy together.