Buying My Volkswagen And I Went For The Used One!

Buying a used car is a technical process and might that do not perform enough research to find the car they need often end up in losing their money in buying a car which is not worth the money. There are many frauds associated with used cars and here are some steps I performed before buying the car I wanted to have and this gave me a positive experience:

I research online about the kind of car that can fit my budget and can also serve the needs of my family which consists of 8 members and thus I was looking for a used car with enough seating requirements. I found a Volkswagen which could not only meet the needs of my family but also my business for transporting goods from

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The next step was finding a seller who was selling this kind of car and by looking at the pictures online, I found it pretty attractive. I searched about the car owner just by name on social media websites to know that the person was legit and there was no fake person operating an account.

Then I arranged a meeting with the guy and asked him if he had the courtesy of showing me the car, which he politely agreed. The car looked pretty much as it was on the pictures and the guy offered me a test drive of the car and showed me the documents of the car. He told me about the mileage information of the car as well as that the car was only 2 years old and that the price he is demanding is justified.

I took a test drive of the car and examined its inside and outside condition against any damages such as the glass, the bumpers, the body of the car by running my hands through it which might have resulted in hidden spots filled as a result of an accident but I did not found any. I found the clutches and brakes well as well as the body alignment of the car was perfect.

I noted down the VIN number of the car and took a time of 2 days from the owner, which I used to identify the VIN at the source websiteand found that it had minor accidents in past and all other information was accurate as the owner said, which led me to buy the car.