Dentures: The Modern Technology For Teeth

It’s absolutely fascinating to delve into the new technologies that are starting to emerge from the dental world – partly because we never seem to ever hear about them, and partly because the technology in that area seems to move so quickly, it’s almost impossible to tell what is going to happen next! We’ve had a lovely interview with leading dentist expert Dr Paige Woods, and she’s proved that the dental health sciences are not only far more interesting that you could ever know, but also that learning about them is only going to benefit people in the long run.

One of the most dramatic changes within dental treatments for the average patient is in denture technology. Unless we are very fortunate, a large percentage of people who reach the age of 60 are going to have to have a dental consultation with regards to dentures; it’s just a fact of life that our teeth do not last forever, even if we look after them really well! However, that does not mean that we are all doomed to wear false teeth that sit in a glass of water overnight – Dr Paige Woods has shown us that denture technology has altered so much in the last five to ten years that it is almost impossible to recognise many of the new ‘dentures’ at all.

For example, it is now possible that many patients will not have to have removable dentures at all. Instead, they will be able to have special permanent dentures (see our unique permanent denture San Diego services) that are customised minutely to the individual patient’s mouth, and then fixed into place delicately by Dr Paige Woods. This means that the patient never has to suffer the aches and pains of continuously taking their dentures out and putting them back in, like you would have to do with the old style of dentures, and therefore you can avoid mouth sores and rubbings.

Dr Paige Woods also talked to us about the dramatic improvement to dental implants, the replacement of one or more teeth with titanium and porcelain false teeth. This may sound a little strange, but it’s a definite improvement from what used to be done hundreds of years ago – and that’s take teeth from dead bodies and use them instead! No, today’s modern dental approach is to individually and uniquely create special dental implants that will visually match of all the patient’s other teeth, and then that can be carefully implanted into the patient’s mouth where their old tooth used to be. After the short healing process, it is completely impossible to tell which is the ‘new’ tooth and which are the ‘old’ teeth. As explained to us by Dr Paige Woods, having dental implants can actually prevent a patient from ever having to get dentures, because you are much less likely to lose other teeth when you have a dental implant.

It has been fascinating getting an insight into dental technology that you would normally only learn about if you were lying back in the dentist’s chair, being told what sort of treatment you were about to receive! Big thanks have to go to Dr Paige Woods for explaining these different kinds of technologies to us so well – it must be amazing to have her as a dentist, and we’re jealous of those who live in the San Diego area near her practice. Who knew that dentures and other dental technology had progressed so much?  It just goes to show that even dentists have to move with the times, and it’s impossible to be able to predict what is going to happen next.

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