Drug Abuse & The Society

Drug abuse does not only affect the addict himself and his family but it also proves to be quite fatal and damaging for his friends, neighborhood and the society at the whole. Drug abuse also largely affects the government and businesses as it can be seen through the studies held at drug abuse and the effects on society that United States had to bear a cost of approximately $18.9 billion for drug abuse.

Drug abuse destroys the health of the addict and brings about sickness which can lead to ultimate death. Apart from the drug abuse, some needle-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS also affect the user. According to a study, nearly 3.5 million people acclaimed that they have injected illicit drugs at some point in their life. This shows that widespread societal damaging effects can be seen in the years to come.

The businesses and educational institutions have devised ways to detect the use of drugs through saliva drug tests but still the drug addicts are good at falsifying the results of the drug tests and so it is particularly hard to completely eradicate the drug abuse form the society.

The Societal Effects of Drug Abuse:

The drug abusers and addicts would try to get the drugs and substances they are addicted to at any cost and in doing so they neglect their children and families affecting the society. The children are prone to even more danger if the fatal drugs such as methamphetamine are produced at homes by their parents as the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of such drugs are even more dangerous. The gases and fumes produced in the process are inhaled by the children which can have disastrous results on their health.

Moreover, the cost and expense on society because of drug abuse and addiction is quite colossal because of the accidents caused by employing the addicts in the organizations and businesses. Drug addicted employees even pilfer cash, products and material in order to purchase the drugs they are addicted which damages the business roots.

The societal effects even increases because of the poor productivity of drug abusers along with high insurance and medical payouts including absenteeism from work due to drug abuse. The societal cost also raises in order to get the clandestine methamphetamine laboratories cleaned. This cost is estimated to be around $18.6 million every year. There are some other costs associated with the drug abuse which cannot be quantified.