Handy Bookings For Your Life

Handy is an amazing new service that lets you quickly find qualified workers that can assist you in maintaining your home. They can also help you out when you have an emergency, like a clogged pipe, and can send someone to you the very next day. They are the millennial answer to the yellow pages. They even have people who specialize in furniture assembly at an affordable price, so when you buy that IKEA bedroom set you can get someone else to deal with all the missing screws and still save money!

The service truly caters to the generation of us that exists for accomplishment and multitasking. They have an app so that you can book directly from your phone, and obviously a website for if you want to schedule a service while you’re at work. The convenience of scheduling a worker using your phone on your commute to work just seems to speak to me. It’s convenient and it means you don’t have to speak to another human being on the phone, something I think we can all admit is just an outdated concept that needs to die. Before you confirm any service you will see an estimate of both the time it should take to finish, and the cost. This is helpful for scheduling your spinning date with friends, and knowing you’ll still have enough money to visit your favourite quaint coffee shop the rest of the week.

Another plus to using Handy is that your parents’ will feel satisfied knowing you’re getting quality workmanship. I know my family always used to bug me to make sure that I was hiring a plumber who would fix the sink but wouldn’t also rip me off, or cut me up. It offers a sense of security to those parents who still like to look out for their grown up children, because they can go to the website and check out reviews about the workers. They will also be able to navigate testimonials from real people who have used the service, survived, and raved about the quality of service they received.

Finding people that you can trust on the internet is often a hard thing to do, but with Handy that isn’t so. They guarantee your satisfaction and will do everything in their power to make sure that their clients are satisfied. You should try Handy out the next time you need a handyman, or even when you buy your next piece of furniture that you just don’t feel like stressing over. The sooner you experience the quality of the work, the longer you’ll wish you had been using the service.