How To Get Rid Of Spiders Inside Your Home

Are you afraid of spiders? Do you have little children who act like they have seen a monster under their bed when they run into a small house spider? Spiders are one of the biggest fears of many people, especially children. If you have an infestation of spiders inside of your home you are probably desperate to get them out of your house. Whether you are afraid that they are going to cause harm or if you are tired of scared children, we have the advice that you need. A Jackson spider control company gave us some great advice regarding how spiders get inside of your home and the best ways to get them back out that we want to share with you.

Locate Entrances

While it is nearly impossible to determine exactly where a spider got inside of your home, you can do some checking to figure out where they may have entered. The first place we suggest that you check is the window seals around your home. Many people don’t realize just how big of gaps there are in some of their windows. If you see gaps in your window seals you will need to have them fixed.

Another place that you need to check is your doorways. Similar to window seals, the seal that goes around your doors to keep the weather out of your home can become old and cracked. As these age, they need to be replaced in order to keep the spiders out. You can replace them yourself for a fairly small amount of money.

Take a quick walk around your foundation. Do you see any small cracks? Spiders can get inside of your home through these small cracks. It is pretty simple to fill these cracks up so that spiders aren’t using them as an entrance into your home.

Spray Your Home

Just as we mentioned, it is really difficult to find where the spiders are getting inside of your home. You can do your best to check for the obvious locations, but spiders may still be getting into your home through other sources. A pest control company is aware of all of the potential entrances to your home.

When you hire a pest control company they will come to your home and take a look around. They then will determine a pest control product to spray around the base of your home, your windows, your roof and wherever else they feel that spiders may be making their way inside of your home. Once they have sprayed these surfaces, spiders are not going to want to go anywhere near these places. You need to keep in mind that this is not a one time fix solution. You may have to spray your home a couple of times a year in order to really keep the spiders out. A pest control company can help you determine how often you need to have your home sprayed in order to keep it a spider free area.