How To Sell Smart Home Thermostats Reviewed

Ordinary thermostats allow people to make adjustments in the temperature around home and provide a control panel with the help of which people can regulate the air conditioning and heating systems in their home. Programmable thermostats let people make changes in temperature and modify the temperature according to different times of the day. Smart thermostats differ from regular thermostats in that they learn the user behavior, allow users to control indoor climate remotely, get notified about energy consumption in real time and make adjustments according to the climate conditions and humidity levels.


What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are devices that let people control the heating and air conditioning in homes. These systems allow people to control the indoor climate throughout the day according to a customizable schedule. Nest is the leading and most sought after smart thermostat in the market and its unique features and characteristics have made it the number one product in thermostat industry.

Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat was one of the very first smart thermostats to be launched in the global market. It packs an appealing design, bright LCD, and provides valuable information with the help of intelligent apps. Alarm reviews of Nest states that the device learns user behavior and sense if someone is present in room or whether the temperature lowers down or air gets humid and makes changes in the climate accordingly. The system works remotely with the help of Wi-Fi and smart apps for computer and smartphone and users are notified via SMS alerts to let them know about the climate around their house. Nest has launched third generation thermostat that is now available in market for purchase.

Major features

Major features of the product include:

Hot water control

The system is able to provide a hot water boost and modify the schedule either from the phone or the thermostat control. It functions automatically and the tank is turned off after 48 hours.

Clear and high-resolution display

The new Nest thermostat now comes with 53 mm wide and 44m in length and packs a resolution of 480×480. There is a new far sight mode that allow the user to adjust the display for showing target temperature that can be viewed clearly from anywhere in the room.

Open Thermostat support

This new nest smart thermostat is able to synchronize with compatible boilers for enabling a 2-way communication. With the Open-Therm feature, the boiler functions using the exact amount of gas to maintain a certain temperature. This helps in saving energy and keeps the heating system intact for years.