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Leggings Are Truly Forgiving

There are some cruel clothes that require you shrink your body mass to be able to fit in them – typically the likes of little black or red dress or that knee length shirt dress and more. And then there are leggings. Leggings – a pair of real sweetheart women of every age group would swear by. No matter what body type you have, leggings know exactly how to accommodate with it. Above everything else, they feel like your own skin. And beyond the comfort factor, they are high on the fashion quotient as well.

Legging came into being in order to serve as an active wear for yoga and other aerobics exercises. The stretchable fabric made it very complacent for all kind of body movements. The soft, breathable and comfortable fabric almost became the second skin of whosoever wore it. Sooner or later, it just had to spread its wings to the other verticals of the apparel industry as well. Since then, leggings have been serving women folk all over the world in several ways.

Leggings Opened Up the Fashion World for the Plus Size Women

Leggings aptly replaced the stockings in a more graceful and comfortable manner and complimented short dresses and skirts efficiently hiding stretch marks, cellulites or any other skin or bodily disfiguration. Needless to say, it became woman’s best friend in a very less time. Most importantly, it gave immense confidence to the bottom heavy plus size women to get into their dream dresses. They could shun all their apprehensions as the leggings would aptly take care of their bulges. Also for the women who can’t get comfortable with the idea of wearing a dress that reveals their bare legs, leggings came as a savior.

Leggings are a great boost for the fashion industry that is now being able to market their products to the plus size women as well. The helped to bridge a gap between the designer dresses that are primarily designed for size zero figures and the mass market that majorly comprise of overweight women. Expert stylists have worked very hard to make the designer dresses (as they are displayed through a ramp walk) relevant to the mass market. And leggings have been a major savior in this regards.

If we traverse a little deeper beyond the peripheries of the tier one and tier two cities, the fashion sense in the small towns are still waiting to evolve. They have a much better purchasing power than the average financially independent urban woman. However, traditional outlook stops them from trying their dream dresses. Leggings come as a savior in this regards. Leggings very comfortable find their place beneath a flared dress, a tunic or a shirt dress adapting an indo-western look. This is an extremely smart way to quench the fashion aspiration of women coming from every walk of the society and cultural orientation.

The Expanding Assortment of Leggings

Leggings replaced churidars in Indian market. That was its first breakthrough in the mass market in India. Only a meager percentage of women in India used leggings as an active wear. And even today, it is considered as fashion apparel more than an active wear. Legging manufacturers in India cater to the larger share of the pie that is the fashion segment which is essentially higher than the active wear segment. Sports legging suppliers in India are yet to capture a share as sumptuous as the fashion segment. However even they are catching up very fast driven by the rise of health consciousness among Indian woman. And with the passage of time, the demands for sports leggings are bound to go up.