Own The Best Kids Education Franchise Florida Can Offer

Ready for something unique? Join us as an owner of the best kids education franchise Florida can provide. Not only will you be a participant in a totally engaging business, but you’ll have fun at the same time. We are in the business of helping children grow as budding filmmakers through a variety of after-school classes and summer break camps, and we want you to join us!

Our founders are proud to share their love of empowering youth by using the camera as a means to help them grow as communicators in a supportive and fun atmosphere. In all of our classes, we help students improve their self-confidence and ability to work on a team. We inspire them to let their imaginations run wild to create powerful movies and to produce their own news programs. In everything we do, we aim to show kids how to be their best selves and to communicate effectively with those around them.

Our students learn about the process of filmmaking from the beginning to end. They direct, produce, write, and act. They learn to embrace their personalities and to let them shine on camera to become engaging and charismatic on-camera communicators. These are the types of skills that we encourage that will help students in many areas of their lives.

We offer classes that engage students and that build a culture of trust. Students know they will be supported and encouraged in each of our classes. We also value inspiration, perseverance, and positivity. Not all aspects of a class are easy for each student, and we encourage them to work through those hard times to become the best filmmakers they can be.

Additionally, by promoting creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, we are helping students to be out-of-the-box innovators who thrive on sharing ideas to create a stellar finished product, and this is vital as a 21st century job and life skill.

Our model is such that franchise owners can offer various types of classes. Our usual classes last five weeks, and we also offer sessions of eight, 10, and 12 weeks as well. Furthermore, we  provide summer, fall, winter, and spring break camps for a week at a time so that students can learn about filmmaking all year long.

We look forward to your joining us as part of the best kids education franchise Florida can provide!