Smoking And Its Consequences In Your Oral Health

Smoking has been one of the top causes of death in the whole world reaching up to whooping 6 million deaths per year according to WHO. Smoking is containing harmful chemicals such as nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, tar and such that damages the user’s health particularly the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and the oral system.

How does smoking affect oral health?

Smoking causes risk on oral health because of cigar’s smoke in which where the harmful chemicals are coming from. When inhaled, the smoke would slowly damage different parts of your oral system such as gums and teeth. The smoke itself is not effective enough to create the significant damage to your oral health but its addictive trait from cigar’s chemical, nicotine.

Long-time smokers should possess gum and mouth diseases.  These are bleeding, tender and swollen gums, loose and sensitive teeth, bland taste regardless what you eat and painful chewing

If the smoker does not quit smoking, he/she is at risk of losing teeth from a gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis’ symptoms are the bone and gums holding and supporting your teeth are slowly decaying and breaking down that loosens your teeth from its place

How to stop smoking related gum diseases

To stop these diseases, you must cut off the head of its source which is smoking. As soon as possible, you must quit smoking and there are different methods of quitting such as using nicotine patches, cold turkey, rehab or counselling. Pills, and similar treatments. These treatments however are not effective if the smoker is not able to resist relapses, this is why friend’s and family’s support are needed when trying to quit

After quitting, always brush your teeth to keep them in clean from plaque buildup and bacteria that causes tooth decay, gingivitis and other diseases that can cause damage

In addition, always remember to floss to remove plaque buildup that is often beyond reach when brushing your teeth.

And lastly, to keep your oral health in check and to track your progress in healing your gums and teeth, always visit your dentist for a thorough checkup. These professionals are experts in dental care that can help you bring back your oral health from its original and healthy state. Clinics such as this one ( can help you in rehabilitating your oral health and can even help you quit from smoking