What is Warm Calling in Sales?

Definition of Warm Calling

Warm calling can be defined as contacting a prospect who you have had prior communication with in some way, shape or form. The stronger the contact between you and the prospect, the warmer the call will be. It can also be said that it is a sales call that is done for the sales purpose and is preceded by some sort of prior contact with the prospect.

This contact can be via email conversation, personal meeting, conference etc. Warm call can also be carried when the reference is given by third party. This creates a slight relationship of trust between the prospect and the caller that can convert into positive result.

Is Warm Calling Better than Cold Calling?

Before understanding which one is better, first let us get brief overview of cold calling. Cold Calling refers to the call or visit done to the prospect before any prior information or contact.

This type of interaction is totally the new interaction as here the people from organisation visit or call the prospect to ask for the trial of the product or service that has to be offered. There is no link between the sales people and the prospect. Both are totally unaware from each other.

Whereas, a warm call is the contact made to potential customers to ask for the product or services basis on the client’s approval prior. Which means that in warm calling there is always a link between the client and the sales people from the organisation.

When the comparison is made between them, then it can turn out to be a debating topic with various points of view. Let us also discuss which is better in both of them according to us.

Time consuming:

As cold calling does not have any link between the prospect and the salesperson, this can be time consuming as it would be difficult to convince the potential customer into becoming a lead.

As with the increase of the fraud calls, people hesitate to take a step forward and share any kind of information. Whereas, in warm calling there is slight link between the prospect and the salesperson. This could have been possible whilst the conference, summits, business meetings, personal calls or many such ways of communication.

This prior communication builds a little trust between the consumer and the seller and hence the consumers share the information and listen to the idea of the product/service willingly.


Since cold call does not have any relation with the customer or the prospect, the calls are done without any prior notice. This means that they can call the customers any time that results in interruptions for the prospect and hence losing the interest. However, a warm call is the well planned call where initially the call or the visits are scheduled as per client’s instructions and convenience. So, as a result this makes the client more curious and interested in the proposal. Hence, two points to warm calling and this results towards good results.

The above points tells us that warm calling is better than cold calling as they establish a trust prior to the proposal.  Let us now study tips of warm calling

Research About Company and Leads

This is the very first tip in every marketing step involving consumers’ interests. Before targeting the customer, its important and even smart move to know about the target customer. What are its interests, what are its needs, what are they looking for and many such things about the target customer. When the research is been done then the warm call can be done with full confidence and enthusiasm.

Warm calling opportunities can be qualified by using business website visitor tracking software on your site to identify the journey of prospects.

Prepare the Script

After the research part, this is the second tip that needs to be considered. When we have all the information about the client and also its approval in prior communication, we must be ready for some points so that they develop the interest in the product or service to offer. Having some kind of information of the client helps build up the trust level and also opens an entry to full fledged discussion.

Calling Again

When the very first call is been made then conversation may end, but it would be of great help when the call is done again to confirm any kind of problems arriving and also possible to ask for the feedback. This creates a lasting relationship with the customer as a result they would get interested in doing business with us.